Punekars are encountering a whole new trend in Pune and also the unconventional one,  the use of truck as a new foodie paradise. Not only they are popular as they are pocket-friendly but also they offer you the variety of delicious food. Here is the list of five best food trucks in Pune. 5 Best Food Trucks In Pune 1. Boston Food Truck It brings cuisine from all the way to Pune from a land of trucks. Quite an essential Boston serving along with an…Continue Reading “5 Best Food Trucks In Pune”

road trip

Artist Rebecca Pavlenko said, “This day is a journey, this very moment an adventure” which perfectly describes the feelings of roadies and adventure of road trips. At one point of time or another, every one of us feels like keeping our stress aside and to go on a long journey to make our inner happy, to find answers to long lost questions and to search for ourselves whom we have lost long back. Some travel to unwind loose ends of life while other have the…Continue Reading “10 Best Road Trips In India For Travel Geeks”