10 Best Road Trips In India For Travel Geeks

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Artist Rebecca Pavlenko said, “This day is a journey, this very moment an adventure” which perfectly describes the feelings of roadies and adventure of road trips. At one point of time or another, every one of us feels like keeping our stress aside and to go on a long journey to make our inner happy, to find answers to long lost questions and to search for ourselves whom we have lost long back. Some travel to unwind loose ends of life while other have the lust for traveling which is irresistible. They find it very difficult to stay in one place. Don’t you think road trips are the best adventure? India has some authentically good roads connecting the country which are also considered to be an ideal trek. Some roads take you through the ancient history while others let you connect with the most picturesque and beautiful locations that will remain in your mind forever.

10 Best Road Trips In India For Travel Geeks

Manali-Leh Highway

This is the most beautiful as well as the picturesque road in the country which has been a part of many Bollywood songs. It captures many imaginations from travelers. This amazing drive-away stretch is of 474 km which takes you through towering peaks, amazing scenery, enchanting valleys and breathtaking terrains. You can cover your journey from Manali to Leh within 2 days with a stopover overnight stay at Sarchu, Pang, Keylong. Best time to take the excursion through this road is between June and September after which roads are closed. Some high points of this road trek are the thrilling adventure, ancient trade routes, and fabulous views.

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Shimla to Manali via Mandi

The road goes round and round the hills with the breathtaking view of River Beas flowing alongside. You can always stop here to take a dip in its cool water to enjoy the salubrious weather of Himachal. It is a 250 km stretch which offers beautiful scenery, stunning view of mountains and lush greenery. The road is relatively good and is very humbling even though it takes a little longer than usual traversing through the elevated hilly terrain.

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Guwahati to Tawang

This road runs through some cool as well as scenic places such as Kaziranga, Imphal, and Cherapunji. This highway spans a distance of 480kms which takes around nine hours to pass through. These roads are rough in nature but well worth the road trip for the mesmerizing scenery unfolding at every turn. If you are curious to see snow-clad mountains and lush greenery then this is the perfect road trip destination for you. Also, don’t forget to have some lip-smacking momos on your way.

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Puri to Konark on NH 203

It is one of the most photogenic road trips in India and the view of tree canopy on either side of the road makes your journey more worthwhile. The stretch is only of 36 kilometers but the cool, misty breeze and mesmerizing beauty around it make it a road excursion worth undertaking. Don’t forget to take the camera with you because you will not be able to stop yourself from capturing the numerous exotic views that would be going to do your way.

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Shillong to Cherrapunjee

The impeccable beauty of India’s North-East is 53 kilometers. It offers amazing sights of waterfalls, lush greenery, villages, caves, and drizzles along the way. On this stretch, your journey is going to be very smooth and comfortable due to devoid of any traffic. This road is very clean and normally it takes around 1-2 hours to complete this journey. Along the way, you will find stopovers where you can serve your belly with delectable North-Eastern food.

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Chennai to Munnar Highway

Chennai to Munnar is a long stretch of 572 kilometers which is an ideal way to reach your beautiful Hill destination. It is one of the most beautiful as well as most refreshing road trips in India. You will need around 10-12 hours to complete your journey including the stopovers. Exotic lush greenery wounding the hills and a waterfall will make you feel more satisfying and is a setting straight out of some fantasy.

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Jaipur to Ranthambore

The total distance between Jaipur and Ranthambore is approximately 149 kilometers and it takes around 3 hours to cover this journey by car. Along the way, you are going to find beautiful scenic beauty along with towns such as Basi, Lalsot, and Justana. This is going to make your journey more enjoyable as you can experience vibrant exotic countryside of Rajasthan. Along the way, you are going to find mouthwatering Rajasthani food joints which serve delicious dishes. It is most thrilling and enjoyable road trips in India with numerous ATM, hospitals and eating spots.

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Bangalore to Ooty via Mysore

Don’t forget to experience this stretch of 266 kilometers which is curled up in the heart of Nigeria. It is a source of tremendous thrill and fun, especially for a highway adventurer. This road trip is definitely going to be very soothing as the road is in perfect condition. Even your belly is going to have a nice experience with multiple eateries available during your journey. If you are not crazy about street food then don’t worry there are McDonald’s and Café Coffee Day too. You can always take a turn towards Mysore in order to enjoy ancient history as well as its elegant monuments. Your final destination which is Ooty is a beautiful hill station. Ooty is very popular among people of Bangalore as a weekend gateway. You should definitely take this road trip.

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Delhi to Shimla

There is no trip that beats the trip which includes the journey of hills along with fresh and cool breeze with a lush green environment and salubrious climate. For having one such experience, you must visit Delhi to Shimla trek- full of chilly winds, excellent road and soft, trudging clouds amidst the hills. From the National Capital, if you are taking the Grand Trunk Road then it will take around 7 hours to complete this journey of 358 kilometers. Along the way, you will find many dhabas especially don’t forget to have parathas at Sukhdev ka Dhabi.

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Mumbai to Pune Expressway

It is an incredible stretch of 93 kilometers which passes through most beautiful scenery and gives you the amazing thrill. This highway has reduced the journey time between these two cities and now it merely takes two hours to do so. The Mumbai – Pune Expressway is country’s very first concrete, six-lane, high speed, and tolled expressway. This road is very popular among locals due to its beautiful surroundings. It has provided convenience to people in connecting to other cities as well such as Bangalore. If you are hanging around nearby then don’t forget to have an experience of such an incredible road trip.

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